About Us

Highest Good Hawai'i was born out of the ashes of 2020.  As we all went inward, on both a body and soul level, we decided to prioritize the healing of ourselves, our families, and our communities.  

We are committed to providing quality soul-care tools that are suitable for the individual, the collective, and the Earth.  While soul-care rituals inherently differ by the intention of the individual, it is important to recognize the cultural significance and application of these ancient healing modalities, and also give the indigenous peoples who supply these tools a real seat at the table

Our White Sage is always sourced from an Indigenous supplier. Our Palo Santo is from Peru and is certified-sustainably harvested from mature, naturally-fallen trees.  Our Selenite is from a family-owned business in Morroco that upholds eco-conscious mining methods and ethical working standards. And our candles are hand-poured on Maui by an Indigenous, woman-owned business.

Highest Good Hawai'i is the creative brainchild of founder, Morea Somaoang (she/her): a mixed-race, 4th-generation Maui settler.  Inspired by the wisdom of her ancestral heritage coupled with the profound cultural presence of her birthplace and forever home, Morea has always looked to indigenous healing practices for physical, emotional, and spiritual support.  As a Maui local, the importance of community is at the forefront of Morea's personal and professional work.