Last day to purchase/subscribe for May’s Smudge Service is April 30th.


What is Smudge Service?

All the essentials delivered monthly, just in time for your full moon ritual.



3" Maui Smudge Stick with Indigenous-Grown White Sage and Kula Rose-Petals

4" Palo Santo Stick

4oz Hand-Poured Intention Candle in your choice of HERITAGE or SERENITY




4" Selenite Wand For First-Time Subscribers



10% of profits from your purchase will be donated to Indigenous organizations.


If you would like your Smudge Service goods to be automatically shipped to you on a monthly basis - click here to subscribe. The external link will take you to our subscription manager, allows us to process your order each month in alignment with the moon calendar.

Smudge Service - The Original

SKU: 001
  • Light your candle and set an intention, call in your ancestors, speak to spirit guides.  Use your candle to light your Sage or Palo Santo.  Our personal rule of thumb is: Sage to clear the vibe (think Full Moons, deep emotional releases, etc) and Palo Santo to smooth out the vibe (think stressful work days, petty arguments with your spouse, attitude adjustments for your kids).  Montior the flame and blow it out when the embers are orange.  Slowly walk around your space and allow the smoke to waft around, into the corners of each room, closet, etc.  Keep your doors and windows open so the smoke - and the bad energy - can escape.